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  • 2010

    MayEstablished in Shanghai, Shanghai Dohigher Industry Co., Ltd became the first company specialized in offering roofing fasteners and technical service.

    SeptemberRauger drill bit came out. Its feature of ‘drilling by tiny drill bit, holding by big shank’ generates more than 30% pull-out strength and stability, which improves system safety.

    October‘Co-Seal’ coating passed national test including 15 cycles Kesternich with not more than 15% rust area(GB 9789), and 1500h salt spray resistance test with no red rust(GB/T 10125).

  • 2011year

    JanuaryProduct range was extended to whole roof system accessories, which means Dohigher became real roofing system components supplier.

    JulySelf-delevoped screw thread was applied as Chinese patent.

  • 2012year

    JanuaryImproved metal washer, plastic tube and termination bars in accordance with market specific requirements in order to serve market better.

  • 2013year

    September‘Co-Seal’ coating passed Swiss SGS test and fulfilled highest rating comparing with other products in market.

  • 2014year

    JulyShanghai Dohigher Industry Co., Ltd was changed to Festac Construction Technology (Shanghai) Ltd, and became Sina Swiss joint venture. Festac's business expanded to roof structural/system accessories, application machine/tools, mockup making, technique consulting and training, etc.

  • 2015year

    All Festac roofing fasteners were applied to get FM approval.

    All Festac roofing fasteners were insured by the Product Liability Insurance.

  • 2016year

    Festac started using advanced supply-chain system, greatly improved supply efficiency and achieved traceability.

  • 2017year

    All Festac roofing fasteners were approved by FM.

  • 2018year

    Steel roofing and cladding fastener were launched to market.

    Festac achieved strategic cooperation with international three waterproofing tycoons and other well-known enterprises

    Festac achieved cooperation with SFS.

  • 2019year

    Festac achieved cooperation with SFS, global fastener leader in Switzerland and focused on business of ISOWELD induction welding fastening system.

  • 2020year

    Festac Construction Technology (Chang-zhou) Ltd. was incorporated.

  • 2021year

    TPG-fix S Sleeve, Festac Self-researched & developed, was born.

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